How to make your job ads appear in Google job search

SEO for Jobs is the perfect partner to easily post your job ads on Google for Jobs. Learn below how to publish your first job ad in just a few steps or simply try it out by creating a free account. You'll also get an insight into how small businesses in particular can benefit from SEO for Jobs.

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The Google Job Search

It's amazing how unknown Google's powerful job search is to many recruiters. Features like Google Maps or Google's image search are familiar to everyone and it's hard to imagine recruiters without them.

Google's job search is a search function specialized for job offers. It is automatically displayed when Google recognizes that the current search query is a job search. Try it out for yourself:

  • Open a new window

  • Go to

  • Search for "jobs nearby

  • Google will automatically show you a blue box with job listings (you may have to scroll down a bit)

Google Job Search is integrated with Google's normal search function. The results are usually displayed before any organic search results. Thus, Google for Jobs is very prominent and cannot be overlooked.

Clicking on the blue headline opens a new view that unleashes the full potential of Google's job search.

But why is the SEO for Jobs solution especially interesting for small businesses?

Small-Medium Business, it's often hard to create the right customizations for your careers page so that their job ads can be found by Google. With SEO for Jobs, job ads can be easily optimized and edited by hand. Furthermore, instead of linking to your own website, you have the option of adding a PDF or an email address. Thus neither complex technical conditions must be fulfilled, nor must first a web page be provided, in order to be listed with Google for jobs.

Mini-jobs, apprenticeships as well as temporary and part-time jobs are the top search terms on Google for Jobs. This also offers an advantage to smaller businesses, as it has already become clear in 2019 Apprentice Recruiting Trends that most applicants begin their search on Google.

  1. No website or technical customisation required

  2. 84.3% of all trainee applicants start their search on Google

  3. From as little as 179 د.إ / month

If these advantages have convinced you, then start now with Google for Jobs!

How your job ads appear on Google for Jobs

In order for your job ads to be listed on Google for Jobs, they have to be specially prepared and submitted to Google. We at SEO for Jobs have specialized in making the preparation of your job ads for Google for Jobs as easy as possible.

1. create a free account

First, create your free account in just a few clicks. Your account is the central point of contact for posting jobs on Google for Jobs, viewing evaluations or managing your customer data.

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2. create job advertisements

After registration you will get access to our online editor. This is self-explanatory and contains input fields for all the important information that Google can process.

You can create and prepare as many job ads as you like. Later, you can also take already filled positions offline again.

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3. choose plan

Now choose a plan to publish your job ads. Whether one or a hundred job ads, we have the right plan for every size of company.

After your booking, we submit your job ads to Google. A short time later, they are published on Google for Jobs.

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4. analyze

Once you've posted your job ads, they'll be submitted to Google for Jobs and displayed for matching searches.

In your account, you'll see information about the status of your job ads. There you can see how often your job ads are displayed and what search terms are being used to find them by potential applicants.

Tip: Use this information to optimize your job ads and improve your positioning.

5. activate optional advertising

Through SEO for Jobs, job ads can now additionally be placed as advertisements in Google Search. By placing advertisements, the reach and visibility of the job ads among potential applicants increases. Therefore, you can now place your advertisements under the "Advertising" window.

More about the "Ad Boost" feature

If you have any questions about pricing, our service or how Google for Jobs works, feel free to check out our FAQ section or contact us.

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